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Review: “Misaeng: Incomplete Life”

This is just a short review.

Something new. Something different.
I honestly had no idea what this k-drama is all about. Thanks to Madam Kring for the recommendation.

So I decided to watch it, and it exceeded my expectations.

If you’re the type of viewer who is into romance or fantasy kilig, perhaps this is not the one you are looking for. BUT if you are willing to explore a different kind of genre, I’m telling you that this is worth a shot. 🙌🏻

Misaengmeans having an incomplete life.

Basically, the drama shows a day-to-day journey of a group of company workers from being interns to officially hired employees. The drama showed realistic plots and events inside the corporate world. I won’t say anything more about the narrative hehe because it’d be better if you watch it.

At first, you may feel that the pacing is slow, but as you keep on watching, you’ll learn that it is part of the story’s treatment (Applause for that!)

The storyline, acting, script, cast — everything is extraordinary! (Well, for me!)

I loved this drama so much, and I fell in love with EVERY. SINGLE. CHARACTER. Why?

They are too relatable that I even felt like I am them. It’s like putting myself in their shoes. Every character made me sympathize with their struggles and hardships. When they’re together, they blend perfectly. The transition from one’s story to another was really good!

Because of the realistic plots, there were so many relatable lines from the characters.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this drama to fresh grads, newbies at work, or currently employed.


Here are some of the awards this drama received in 2015:

51st Baeksang Arts Awards

  • Best Director (Kim Won Suk)
  • Best Actor (Lee Sung Min)
  • Best New Actor (Im Si Wan)

Korea Drama Awards

  • Best Drama Award
  • Excellent Actor (Kim Dae Myung)
  • Jury Award (Im Si Wan)

감사합니다 ~

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